Q1 What is the minimum age someone can join the dojo
A1 The minimum age for training with us is 18 years old.

Q2 Can I buy a Manrikigusari (weighted chain)?
A2 Our dojo is not a shop, and only our students who have completed a certain length of training are allowed to purchase chains.

Q3 I'd like to watch a class
A3 Since it's difficult to understand how weapons are applied, as well as how effective they are by looking, we have those interested experience training with us. Please come in clothing that allows you freedom of movement.

Q4 Can I turn up unanounced at the class
A4 You could, but we would prefer that you contact us first. It is better for us if we know someone is coming to view the class.

Q5 How is the class structured
A5 The main emphasis on the class is the use of the Manrikigusari, then we train with the Jutte. If we have time we cover other apsects of the syllabus.

Q6 Do you use colour belts like in Judo and Karate
A6 No we dont, we observe the old Menkyo system with ranking such as Kirigami, Shoden etc etc. This would be explained to you if you joined us.